Le Magiche Punte

Le Magiche Punte is a tavern located in the heart of Siena that offers a pleasant culinary experience in a warm and friendly environment. It is proposed to explore the gastronomic theme declined on simplicity and excellence. The tavern was established in 2000 because of a lack in the city of a place to taste traditional Tuscan cuisine in a modern and fresh context. The young owners offer a high quality cuisine inspired by traditional Tuscan culinary tradition that meets a more modern flavor. Key elements of the tavern are tastes and flavors of a cuisine always attentive to local resources. The menu is renewed seasonally based on what the area offers. The products used in the recipes are local and always fresh and the desserts are homemade, all accompanied by quality service. My intervention for this tavern covers everything from patterns for runners, dishes, menu,  and the insignia as well. I tried to propose different solutions in every field so that the tavern could me more characterized and recognizable. The colour palette recalls the traditional colours used but in a more contemporary way. The solution adopted for the menu is unconventional. It will consist of two wooden panels stopped by a rubber band insideThe seasonal menu will be trapped between them. The daily menu is wrapped around the back wooden panel making it easy to look at both the seasonal and daily menu together. The chosen logo represents a fork and a spoon together. However, because of its simplicity, its shape can be traced back to a whole series of other elements and for this the mark is easily recognizable and easy to remember. portfolio 2013-18tazzina-01 portfolio 2013-21


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