Feel Better

fb55c829cc9b81a14b7226ca8e3cbdaeFeel Better is a project created with the contribution of amazing 3D modelist Vincent Del Jesus from Prenaturel.

The idea behind this project was to create a series of product that could increase self esteem immediately. The four products are: Charm Lotion, Patience Pills, Passion Powder and Courage Lotion. These are antidotes to everyday self esteem crisis, and can instantly make us better people.

The reason why the content of every bottle is transparent or white, while the packaging is very colourful, is that we often focus on what we think we need, but we don’t realize that we already have all we need to improve our personality inside of us, even if we don’t realize it. The content of these products is not magical, it just helps us believing in ourselves and our skills.
Moreover, strong colours in the packaging need to emphasize the positive effects these medicines will have on who chooses to use them.

Every bottle has its own pattern that defines its own personality and describes its benefits and contraindications.

Feel Better has been published on TheDieLine

F_Passion F_Patience F_Charm F_Courage