Pasta for One

Pasta for One is probably the most appreciated  project I designed (and maybe the reason that brought you to my website!). I am still happy with this project because I think it represents my identity as a designer for the use of patterns but also because Pasta is probably the most typical dish in Italian kitchen.

The idea behind this project was to create a single portion of pasta. In Italy pasta is a diet pillar and it actually makes sense to buy big pasta boxes.
But if you live abroad and you want to enjoy pasta just once in a while it’s better to buy it only for a single meal.
Every kind of pasta has its own personality and consequently its own pattern.

Which one is your favourite?

I have been asked many and many times if Pasta for One is on sale. Unfortunately it is just a personal project and it’s not available anywhere at this time (but if it will, I will keep you posted).

I had the chance to be published on many packaging design websites, these are just some of them:
TheDieLine, The Design Ark, Packaging of the World, NotCot, The Skunk Pot, Favourite Design, and many more!
I even had the chance to be published on Elle Decor Italy on March 2013.

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